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The right tools make the job a lot easier and are worth investing in! We have a high selection of tools designed to make your irrigation installation or repair go smoothly.


We carry a great selection of irrigation and drip irrigation supplies. Drip tube fittings, adapters, emitters, end caps and flush valves. You name it, we have it!


Whether you garden in a greenhouse or outdoors, your irrigation system must have properly sized pipes to move water efficiently. Multiple diameters and lengths are available in our warehouse.


We carry the basics like plastic mulch, floating row cover, perforated plastic cover, etc.
Our products are manufactured to meet the needs of your agricultural irrigation applications.

Featured Products

AgFlow Irrigation has found a niche in the sale and support of irrigation products on the Central Coast of California. These are some of the products we have available at our warehouse.

Plastic Film

PVC Pipes

Stake Flags



PVC and Aluminium Fittings

Wood Stakes




We are AgFlow Irrigation

AgFlow Irrigation was incorporated in 2015. Since then we have been servicing the Central Coast of California, providing excellent service and accommodating all of our customers needs.

Our top of the line irrigation system parts & products are sure to meet your specific needs. We carry PVC and aluminum pipes, hoses, sprayers and miscellaneous parts for your business.

We help you achieve the best results for your crop!

Each farm has different irrigation needs and requires different solutions to achieve the right efficiency for the farm. When it comes down to your irrigation system, it should be viewed as a whole, rather than individual components. Let us help you incorporate low-pressure sprinklers, variable frequency drives, controls, and other efficient irrigation hardware.

The most efficient irrigation system today is one that takes into account crop, soil type, and terrain. Visit Agflow Irrigation and find out why our clients prefer us over the competition.

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